[Announcement] New System of the CoHHO Program

The CoHHO Program starts with a renewed system from 2019. We have made some significant achievements with more than 200 students who successfully finished the Program since its very beginning in 2013.

In the new system, the CoHHO Course is included as one of the six educational courses of Kyoto University UNESCO Chair WENDI*. This  will expand CoHHO international reach and will allow students to take lectures/subjects of other courses within Kyoto University.

Certification will be signed by the UNESCO Chairman and the CoHHO Director, which will certainly be an asset for your future career development.

The new CoHHO, as one of the courses under the system of Kyoto University UNESCO Chair WENDI, will start from April 2019. Further details will be provided during the run of the program. To complete the CoHHO course (hereinafter, UNESCO Chari WENDI CoHHO Program), you have to attend the “UNESCO Chair WENDI guidance lecture (mandatory, 0 credit)”, to obtain one compulsory lecture (2 credits) and more than 8 credits with other lectures provided by the CoHHO and by other UNESCO Chair courses.

As for the students who are already enrolled  in the CoHHO program, the previous system will be valid and apply only during the academic year of 2019. Therefore you need to obtain all credits this year in order to complete the program.


*UNESCO Chair on Water, Energy, and Disaster Management for Sustainable Development, Kyoto University

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                                                                                              11 March 2019

                                                                                             Dean of CoHHO Educational and Research Unit

                                                                                              Yoh Yamashita