International Symposium on the CoHHO “Integrated Ecosystem Management from Hill to Ocean”

The International Symposium about “Integrated Ecosystem Management from Hill to Ocean” in the framework of the CoHHO program, has been held at Kyoto University on November 26th to 28th, 2013. This symposium was the kickoff event of the educational unit of CoHHO as well as the event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the foundation of Field Science Education and Research Center. We have received in total 188 people from 19 countries which include Japan, Korea, Viet-Nam, Philippines, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, UK, Canada, USA, Brazil etc.

We had the chance to listen to 28 oral presentations and 74 poster presentations, which proves once more that the CoHHO studies are interdisciplinary. Most of the presenters mainly reported case studies. If somdays, these case studies are arranged according to the given interactions, the CoHHO studies will become quite systematical. The participation of various countries’ researchers in this symposium shows that we have “CoHHO research partners” around the world and that the CoHHO studies are necessary for both the present time as well as for the future in many parts of the world. We are glad to say that we have been requested by some participants to hold this International Symposium on CoHHO biyearly and to establish the International CoHHO organization.

Thank you for your coming.


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