15th CoHHO Seminar

15th CoHHO Seminar is going to be held as follows.

Date & time:June 16 (Thursday.), 13:00~15:00
Venue:Room N285, Agriculture main building, north Campus, Kyoto University
Speaker: Jin Zhou, PhD (Associated Professor, East China Sea Fishery Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Science)
Theme: Review of the state of marine fishery environment and protection effort in the East China Sea

*Application is not necessary. Please feel free to join this seminar.

Overview of the speech: 

The East China Sea is a marginal sea east of China and serves as one of the most important fishery waters in China, including fishing ground for capture and embayment for mariculture. Associated with high human population densities and rapid economic development in coastal area, fishery environment in East China Sea has long been the “hot-spot” topic. There are three parts of contents in this presentation. To begin with, some routing monitoring programs for the fishery environment funded by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), with the general variation tendencies of typical environmental variables in recent years, are presented; some more details of characteristics of marine fishery environment from special habitat (e.g., Changjiang River Estuary, mariculture embayment) are reported as well. Besides, effects of typical environmental factors and pollutants (oil spill, suspended sediment, harmful algae in red tide) on marine organisms are discussed. Additionally, several effective remediation efforts conducted in the East China Sea are introduced, including the comprehensive remediation in tidal flat for mollusk breeding, oyster reef building and marine ranching building in important fishery waters. The presentation may be favored by those who are interesting in marine environment monitoring and remediation, toxicity of typical marine pollutants.