International Conference Presentation Subsidy

This subsidy partly provides financial assistance to students who give oral or poster presentation regarding the CoHHO studies as the first author at international meetings or symposium within Japan or overseas. The subsidy, which covers travel expenses, accommodation expenses and meeting fees, is capped at 200,000 per student.
This subsidy is also available for students who have completed the CoHHO Program and are currently taking the CoHHO Program or the CoHHO course at any graduate school.

New announcement

Guidance on the application for International Conference Presentation Subsidy 2019(Second)

Students who wish to apply to this subsidy are required to submit all documents available in the “Application Information” section to the Unit Support Office by June 28th, 2019. 

Application Documents

  • Subsidy Application Form for International conference presentation (Form 1) WordPDF
  • Advance Travel Expenses / Registration Fees Questionnaire (Form 2) ExcelPDF

Documents to be submitted before Departure 2 weeks

  • ①Schedule (itinerary) Table(Form 6) Word/PDF
  • ②Flights quotation or receipt
  • ③Bank Transfer Request Form (for all students except GSGES) (Form 3) ExcelPDF 
  •  Bank Transfer Request Form (for GSGES Students) (Form 3) ExcelPDF

Documents to be submitted after Completion

  • ①International Conference Presentation Completion Report and Result Report (Form 4-1.2) WordPDF
  • ②Presentation slides or poster (as a pdf document)
  • ③Report of Travel Expenses / Meeting Fees (Form 5)  ExcelPDF
  • ④Receipts of travel expenses and conference registration


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